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About Us

Thinking Global, Acting Local

With a global outlook and scope, Kilcullen Kapital Partners is a combination of entrepreneurial and investment experience.

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About: Who We Are
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Our History

Kilcullen Kapital Partners is a boutique Private Equity investment platform. Initially established to manage the personal & family capital of the founding principles, and that of some of their personal connections. The platform provides growth capital to dynamic and high potential businesses in the mid market (SME) space.

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Discovering & Navigating Opportunities

ABN Ambro AM

Asset Manager (Czech Republic)

Kilcullen Kapital acquired Atlantik Financial Holding BV in 2015 with €150m under Management from ABN AMRO Bank, thus creating the largest and most important independent asset manager in the Czech Republic. In 2018 Kilcullen successfully exited the business to Karel Komárek’s KKCG Investment Group where it has gone from strength-to-strength.


Czech Credit Bureau

Founder & 1st Investor (Czech Republic)

The Czech Credit Bureau provides services in the areas of non-banking registers and decision support systems such as credit scoring, client segmentation and I-rating, both for consumer and SMEs' markets. The company also delivered EU structural funds evaluation for CzechInvest, SME ratings for Prague Chamber of Commerce and rating of municipalities, SMEs and housing cooperatives for banks and various institutions. KKP exited to CRIF, a global leader in this space with more than 10,500 financial institutions, 1,000 insurance companies and 82,000 business clients in 50 countries.



Founder & 1st Investor (Czech Republic)

Leading Czech mortgage broker and packager, occupying 10% share of the Czech mortgage market, providing services to individual clients, individual brokers and other brokerage companies; Simply was active in the design, implementation and distribution of innovative mortgage and other financial products and internet lead generators.


TESLA a.s.

Acquisition & Restructuring (Czech Republic)

Founded in 1946, TESLA a.s. operated as a national company, uniting dozens of individual national companies throughout former Czechoslovakia for the production of small electrical equipment (microswitches, light bulbs, etc.); passive and active microelectronic components (transistors, resistors, tubes, screens, controls, etc.), consumer electronics (radio and television receivers, CD and videotape players); and professional equipment (transmitters, telephone exchanges, radars, etc.).


Prague Stock Exchange building

Real-estate Acquisition (Czech Republic)

The Prague Stock Exchange is the largest and oldest securities market organizer in the Czech Republic. After a 50-year hiatus brought about by World War II and the Communist regime. It was reopened in 1993, resuming the activities of the Prague Commodities and Stock Exchange founded in 1871. The building is located at Rybná 14, 110 05 Praha 1, Czech Republic.



Founder & 1st Investor (Central & Eastern Europe)

EnerCap is a specialist clean energy Investor and Adviser with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. EnerCap manages an extensive portfolio of energy investments in Poland, Romania, Croatia and the Czech Republic. The project assets under management exceed €450 million, providing clean energy to over 200,000 households and saving 130,000 tones of carbon p.a. EnerCap also provides construction and commercial operations management of clean energy projects, both for the EnerCap Power Funds and for third parties.


GRID Finance

Equity Funding (International)

GRID Finance was founded in 2013, to support the growth and expansion of small to medium businesses in Ireland. The team is committed to providing quick access to capital, advice and tools that will help small businesses grow. GRID's team are spread across it's three offices located in Ireland (Dublin and Limerick) and Obidos, Portugal. The companies vision is to be the largest financial partner to SME’s. This is defined not by the size of GRID's loan book or product portfolio but by how many small businesses the GRID has helped.


Retail & Hospitality (various)

Acquisition, Consolidation & Restructuring (Ireland, Czech Republic)

To date five marquee hospitality and retail outlets have been acquired in Ireland and the Czech Republic. Significant investment into modern management systems and consolidating purchasing have resulted in significant gains. KKP will continue to invest in this vibrant industry.



Development & Finance of Oil Terminal (Ireland)

In 2009, Kilcullen developed and built out a 50,000 cubic meter oil storage facility in Galway, Ireland. Successful refinances were completed in 2014, 2017 and 2021. The terminal is among the most modern in Europe.



Acquisition of telecoms towers (Ireland)

Cignal Infrastructure, supported by Kilcullen purchased the telecoms towers from Coillte, the Irish national forestry company, and successfully built out a large portfolio of telecoms assets across Ireland.


The Learning Circle Childcare

Acquisition & Refurbishment (Ireland)

A partially finished building was purchased from NAMA in 2015 and finished in conjunction with the tenant. The project was successfully exited in 2019.



Real-estate Acquisition (Ireland)

Kilcullen supported the acquisition of a substantial parcel of residential development land in Co. Cork, Ireland, successfully exiting the development in 2020.


Business Post Group

Acquisition of national publisher (Ireland)

KKP successfully acquired the Sunday Business Post in 2018, a highly respected broadsheet business newspaper in Ireland. Completed a successful restructure and relaunch of the brand as the Business Post Group, acquiring several ancillary companies to build out and convert the group to a multi-media platform leading Irish journalism and media production.

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